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= Explanation Nation =

Understanding The Ongoing Situation

Quick Summary: USA in 2017 Get a quick handle on what's going on in the US and the World. You'll never be the same again. That's good, because now you'll be informed and ready to understand the gaping, spinning whirlpool of history that is sucking our reality down, only to spit out a new one at the same time.

First Cut: The Nutshell USA Follow the money. Mitch McConnell's crooked owners steal $1 Trillion a year from our economy through the Health Denial Industry (laughingly and deceitfully called health insurance), leaving our military crippled, our children without health care, and our lives upended when we become one of the 33+% who will develop cancer in our lifetime and require medical care (denied by McConnell's owners, the billionaire class).

Taking it a Step at a Time:

The Big Picture. In these pages, I am going to explain to you just about everything you will ever need to know to understand our country (the USA), our world, and your fate (more on this in a moment). Once you finally understand the big picture, the details will easily fall into place.

Three Major Legs to this Story. There are several threads to this story, which I will pursue separately at the detail level, and then stitch it all together. These and other links will become active over time in the near future.

  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Human Condition

Page in Development More info any moment. This is an ongoing project I'll be developing day by day. Stand by and thanks.

believe it or not, there is a logical explanation for this insanity; stand by for the whole magilla; HINT: Follow the money