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welcome to a progressive website

Welcome from John T. Cullen, a Progressive Author.

I'll be adding lots of info here in the near future. We're in the middle of a long 2017 national nightmare (a worse crisis than Nixon in the 1970s). I'm going to offer some sensible, moderate-center views here that will nevertheless shock a lot of people. We're not 'exceptionalist' but 'delusionalist'. Any nation like ours that can trundle along, pretending everything is fine, when we've never had civilized health care (while the rest of the industrialized world has for a long time) is a nation living in a self-made twilight zone. Health care (or the lack of it) is just one symptom of a truly deep malaise, to borrow President Carter's 1979 terminology. The malaise is more real than ever today, but the cure lies in massive infusions of understanding and above all, truth.

Not Radical, but Rational. I stand aside from the voices of hysteria, demagoguery, opportunism, and self-delusion. This is the one project in my prolific writing life that I have hated and resisted doing (no fun), but I must. I'll explain a lot of things here—my personal opinions based upon my private, deep study of history and the Human Condition. They are my ideas, drawing on inspiration from many classical thinkers (e.g., Plato, Aristotle, Polybius, Livy, Cicero, Machiavelli, and the 1787 Framing Fathers). Take them (my ideas) or leave them—at our common peril.

Less Conspiracy, More Confluence. Among my notes: conspiracies may in some quarters be real, but are just fraction of the problem. Look at the etymology of these two words. Conspiracy literally means, from the Latin, 'breathing together.' The metaphor implies that the parties have to be very close, whispering, face to face in some corner of the Forum or whatever. Confluence means 'flowing together'; in my usage, the parties never have to know each other. Like Trump's deplorable village mob, they are skillfully triggered by a pompous Mussolini clone, and suddenly all start yelling "Lock 'er up! Hang 'em high!" in classical lynch mob fashion—no info, no critical thinking, just a lot of cheap, violent, hateful emotion. The USA has been manipulated for decades by increasingly powerful corporations under a religious-like (false) belief system I call Reaganism. You'll see how all this makes sense. The truth will really let the hot air out of all these balloons, and coincidentally relieve a whole lot of unexplained gas and bloating pain we are feeling. I'll discuss, among other things, a very problematic and sometimes fatal human tendency toward *confluence* which is when a whole lot of people hear the music, think they like it, start humming along while thinking they're singing my song, and suddenly we have a national fad, a movement, a crazy dance full of terror and illogic. Let's flush the toilet on all that and become sane again, shall we? Deep breath now… lots more cool info on the way. We're all going to get along together, and everything will be just fine. Most of this fuss is just lies and propaganda stirred up by opportunists.

It can and must be fixed. We're going to fix that. We have to. The United States today is a houseboat in flames, and about to go over Niagara Falls to our doom. Stand by while I build the info on this site.

Plan: Three Books. As a quick summation as I launch this site (4 Aug 2017) here is the plan: (Book 1, already available, see info at right on this page) Trump is a distraction—it's about Mitch McConnell and his corporate pimps destroying health care reform; (2 due out in 2017) Reaganism, US history, end of democracy, what must be done; (3 due out in 2017) Big History: the Human Condition from Plato to Machiavelli, from Cicero to Jefferson, and more: what we must understand to save the USA & world in crisis.

Stand by—more info soon.


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