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Nutshell 2017: Follow The Money

Sit-Rep: Feb 2017. First of all, the guy to watch is not Donald Trump. As I write this on 16 Feb 2017, I'm betting that he will be removed from office in weeks, if not days. He is simply too insane, incompetent, and dangerous to allow anywhere near the White House or near the nuclear football. The guy to watch is Mitch McConnell, who was one of two persons gloating from ear to ear on 9 Nov 2016 when the Electoral College handed the presidency to Trump, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular election by a far wider margin than Al Gore's victory in 2000. Both elections were stolen, a problem that must be fixed going forward. More on that in a moment.

As I will develop in detail in these pages, the stakes in this situation are sky-high—but not in ways that most people think. Here's the real skinny. We are the only industrialized nation without universal health care for all. We have some limited patches of something approaching universal health care (Medicare; VA Care) but overall, we are the only industrialized nation where health care is not a human right (as it should and must be) but a corporate trough for billionaires to get rich while the majority suffer and die. It has to stop, but you need to understand the context.

Get To The Point. Here's what you need to understand. I'll post a pie chart in a moment. The United States economy or GDP (the productive, ongoing part of our wealth, not counting stationary factors like infrastructure, national parks, etc.) is worth about $15-18 Trillion a year, and more likely toward the upper side of that range. GDP means Gross Domestic Product (formerly known, in economist lingo, as GNP, or Gross National Product). That means a measure of the economic productivity of all that we do, the work, the money we move around in our liquid (cash, checking, credit) and banking (savings, investments, etc) and insurance sectors.

Health Denial Industry. A good estimate of how much GDP is spent in health care (or its denial) puts us at 20% of GDP (including Big Medicine and Big Pharma) or about $3 Trillion (which is 20% of $15 Trillion). I'm going to run with the $15 Trillion low end measure for now. We spend more on health than any other nation on earth, and get far less for it —because Mitch McConnell's corporate-republican owners steal (my estimate) $1 Trillion a year from our economy (from our GDP). Let me explain briefly how that number comes about.

Cost + Profit = Overhead. Estimates that I've seen about the cost of Medicare (a 100% U.S. Government program) suggest that running Medicare costs about 1% (one percent), or one penny of every dollar allocated from our tax money to cover seniors over 65. There is no profit in a Federally run program, so we talk about cost only. Compare this with solid estimates of the overhead (cost + profit) of corporate medicine (the Health Denial Industry, laughingly and deceitfully called Health Insurance). The Health Denial Industry overhead (cost + profit) is around one third*.

*Footnote: "one third": remember that I purposely lowballed the size of GDP at $15 Trillion/year. The estimates I've seen for Health Denial Industry overhead run about 30%. So if you bring the GDP figure up toward $18 Trillion (more realistic, actually) effectively it's more like 33% or one third of every dollar going to overhead. Now if you compare with Medicare, and realize that the corporate mafia could accomplish health care for about 1% (one percent) then it's obvious that they are stealing one third of the U.S. health care budget. In plain English, the Health Denial Industry steals $1 Trillion a year (one trillion dollars) from our economy. That's your wallet, friend.

Who Allowed Them Into The Game? U.S. citizens take for granted (because they don't know any better) that we need so-called insurance companies to give us health care. Why? They are not doctors, nurses, or pedicure specialists. They are slimy middlemen who steal our money. We spend $3 Trillion a year on health denial, and they steal one out of every three dollars. They become fabulously wealthy, and we die. Easy answer: get the health insurance liars out of health care totally and forever immediately before they kill again. At a conservative estimate (Harvard: 45,000 lives a year) Mitch McConnell's and Paul Ryan's pimps murder over 123 men, women, children, and infants every day. That's over five an hour, or one homicide every twelve minutes. I call it the ongoing U.S. holocaust, and it must stop. What's this Harvard study?

Ongoing U.S. Holocaust.A ground-breaking Harvard University study Sept. 2009 (desperately hated and slimed by the corporate stooges of the so-called 'right') says the Health Denial Industry murders at least 45,000 U.S. citizens a year through health care denial. See also: this link Dec 2009. Not only that, but they maim countless people by denying complete or adequate care in order to cut corners and maximize profits. And they bankrupt millions of families because (let's talk about you) when you get that major illness in your life (e.g., one third of everyone develops cancer in their lifetime), they will come and steal your house away, they will steal your life's savings, they will steal your pension, and they will steal everything else including your pride and your humanity, and then they'll let you die. Why do we continue endlessly to put up with this? We are very badly brainwashed as a people. Consider:

Delusionalism, not Exceptionalism. We are continually brainwashed with the notion that we are somehow exceptional—meaning we are the best, we are God's favorites, we can do no wrong, we (meaning the corporations who own and operate the USA) can invade other countries as we see fit, we can do nation-building (code for taking over their economies and working with their tyrants to loot whatever the likes of Dick Cheney and the Bush clan can steal; make that the entire US corporate oligarchy). The truth is that we are victims of a gigantic lie. We are the only industrialized nation where (if you have a brain) you live in terror that you or a loved one has an accident or becomes ill, resulting in your bankruptcy for the rest of your life. You lose everything. And this is the only nation where this can possibly happen. So in many ways the only exceptionalism is in the range of our delusionalism.

Mitch McConnell Gloating. The strategy of the corporate-republicans is obvious, once you realize the emperor has no clothes and we are being taken to the cleaners in the biggest scam in world history. Since 1992, when Bill Clinton became president, and Hillary (a wonderful person, a strong advocate of women's workers' and children's rights) began trying to finally move this colossal, backward nation toward modern universal health care, the owners of Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and every other corporate-republican (basically, prostitute) went into terror mode. They could not permit their looting of $1 Trillion a year to be stopped. So they began a 25-year slime campaign of incredible proportions against Hillary Clinton. I have a lot more details to fill in on all this, but I'm giving you the nutshell here for the moment.

Hillary won the election in 2016, but for the second time in a generation, the corporations stole the presidency. Donald Trump i not a guy anyone with a brain wanted anywhere near the White House. However, Trump was the end game strategy for Mitch and his pimps in Corporate America. Remember, McConnell, who has no class or tact, blatantly announced in 2008 that he would ensure Barack Obama would become a one term president. This isn't just about Kentucky racism. It's about McConnell's primary motivation, which is basically to be a street hooker for his corporate pimps. I know this is not the language you'll hear on the major networks, but let's face it: they (Fox, NBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc) are all owned by vast corporations who are part and parcel of raping, looting, and murdering us all in the United States. More on that in a second**. Back to my bitch about Mitch, Elmer Fudd's evil twin.

McConnell has treasonously spent most of a decade as Senate Majority Leader (corporate-republican) obstructing rather than serving, all in his determination to destroy not so much Obama (though Obama is not a "fine Southern gentleman,"as McConnel termed evil Mickey Mouse Jeff Sessions; code for KKK and racist hate from a different and obsolete age); rather, it is all about that trillion dollars a year that McConnell's owners pay him to let them keep stealing. Mind you, with Citizens United, those corporate owners are more likely Chinese or Indian than U.S. (the investor base of flagship corporations that are now becoming US owned in name only, like ships flying the Panamanian or Liberian flag but owned by remote billionaires).

Most blatantly, McConnell through most of 2016 obstructed President Obama's moderate nominee Merrick Garland for Supreme Court to replace the late corporate prostitute and intellectually defective Antonin Scalia. (Don't worry: I will support every word I say, including some very strong words that are appropriate in an ongoing US holocaust, a mass murder, that requires public awareness and action). Remember that obstructionism ultimately costs lives, including those of U.S. military personnel sent unprepared into danger, usually on behalf of crazy 'exceptionalist' (read: irresponsible, uninformed, and ultimately imperial) policies like the Bush/Cheney/Rove misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. And again, I'm a loyal U.S. citizen, a veteran of six years' active U.S. Army service with an Honorable Discharge and an MSBA from Boston University, earned while stationed in West Germany, so I am not using such language in support of those disgusting, murderous enemies of civilization like al Qaeda, Daesh, and the rest of those rats.

McConnell Strategy Filthy, Treasonous, but Transparently Clear. As I've already said, McConnell lacks class, not to mention human decency or honesty. He is blatant, crude, and a bully in his heavy-handed methods. His goal, in service of his corporate pimps, is to do anything in his power to obstruct health care reform, because that would mean his pimps lose $1 Trillion that they steal from our economy every year. McConnell wouldn't know a gentleman, much less "a fine Southern" one, if he fell over one. McConnell's gloating strategy is clear: to allow Donald Trump to make a total ass out of himself. Better than having Hillary in office, who would bring about universal health care and end the suffering of the majority of U.S. citizens in our ongoing national holocaust. I have been predicting (and I copyright registered an article about this in December just to be on record) that as soon as McConnell places a Scalia clone in the Supreme Court—thereby potentially forever killing any chance of humane, civilized health care reform in the US—he will lead the charge to remove Trump. Let me take that to a separate page because that's a long story also, developing as we sit here more amazed hour by hour at the stellar and growing buffoonery of Donald J. Trump, a malignant narcissist and a sociopath (at least he fits the corporate-republican mode in that manner). Trump ("you're fired") could be entertaining if he weren't so blunt and gross in his malignant self-love. But we'll get to that story shortly.

**Footnote: I love Rachel Maddow and the other progressive, intelligent commentators mostly on NBC. However, as much as they are brilliant, the fact remains that nobody is really covering the big story. The corporate media keep covering it up. This is called disinformation: a form of misinformation (lying, in plain English) perfected by the Soviets during their heyday, including former KGB officer and now Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Trump's bosom buddy.

J'Accuse... If I came to a legitimate news organization and showed them documented, scholarly, powerful evidence that someone was murdering over 45,000 U.S. citizens a year, that would by all accounts be the story of the century. This is in fact what is happening in the U.S. and studies like the Harvard University study strongly support that finding—but the corporate media just mentioned never, ever, ever breathe a word. They would rather have millions remain ignorant, delusional idiots listing to Fox News lies and propaganda, or smart people in a smaller, captive, and politically safe corral. Think about it. I watch Rachel Maddow & Co. (Lawrence O'Donnell, et al) with pleasure. I am aware, however, that no Fox troll will ever watch that information. Instead, we progressives sit and listen to Rachel and don't realize we are simply another captive demographic, safely penned like sheep in an enclosure and, worse yet, we earn zillions of dollars for NBC or CNN or whatever in the form of advertising revenue. And as long as we're mesmerized by Rachel and Lawrence et al, we're not doing anything really constructive to terminate our oppressive, criminal corporate regime that has been in power since at least 1980 (when smooth-talking but dangerous and destructive Ronald Reagan swept into power). The major media are all guilty of covering up the ongoing U.S. holocaust by the Health Denial Industry.

While we mention Putin, consider that he served in one of the most critical areas of Intel (counter-intelligence) and, for all of that, in East Germany, home of one of spying's most famous operators, the late Marcus Wolf, head of the incredibly successful Chief Directorate for Reconnaissance (HvA) of the East German (Communist) People's Republic (DDR). I don't know if Putin had much contact directly with Wolf or Hva (the more successful and quietly glamorous external directorate, versus the StaSi or internal police state (Communist successor of Hitler's Nazi Gestapo, in effect). Putin was working for the Soviet Union, while Wolf was working for East Germany. I don't see a lot of daylight between the two concepts. Given all of that, think about the devious talent and evil genius that an insidious master like Putin will exert upon a total buffoon like Donald Dump.