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About Explanation Nation

Age of Crisis—But Wait, Aren't They All? I'm going to offer you a different take on the current world and national (U.S.) situation than you may get in the media and from other sources. I have been an observer of history for many years, and am very cautious in my scholarly (but sometimes imaginative) approach to figuring out where we really are, how we got here, why, and therefore most likely where we are headed. In a nutshell, the news is both good and bad. It adds up to something called The Human Condition, which hasn't changed since the first humans painted images in caves forty thousand years ago. Sit back, relax, and be entertained (and/or forewarned).

Yours Truly. Greetings. I'm John T. Cullen, a San Diego author, editor, journalist, essayist, and publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. My passionate interests in this world include etymology (what I call the Archeology of Language); history; and literature.

My Earlier Introduction:

Understanding Our Human Condition

Book is in Work. You're not dreaming. The biggest buffoon in U.S. history is occupying the White House. He won't be there long. Why are the corporate-republicans grinning from ear to ear? Why is Elmer Fudd's evil twin, Mitch McConnell, gloating even more than Donald Trump's sleazy advisers? What evil joy has befallen Mitch's disgusting little world and fattened his wallet with lots of (foreign) corporate bribery (laughingly called "political donations"). All the corporate republicans have been getting these vast bribes for decades, and Citizens United masks the fact that they are no longer from U.S. billionaires but come from Beijing, Delhi, and other distant points that all the jobs have gone to. The United States has been looted since at least 1980, when Reagan was swept into office. But really, Nixon got the ball rolling with his ping pong diplomacy in Red China even as he purposely kept the Vietnam War going, and costs thousands more U.S. service members' lives for nothing, just to get reelected, and then declare he wasn't a crook as he resigned (as a crook). None of this is new or unusual, unfortunately. It's the Human Condition.

The Human Condition. Learn why this is not new. We've been there before. We need to study history with the proper eyeglasses to see the answers clearly. The answers are disturbing, to be sure. Of course, this is all my opinion. But let's see where my ideas lead us. I think you'll be surprised and pleased at least to have some answers, however grim they may be. Our only hope of improving our lot is to understand the vast body of delusions and lies inundating us with corporate messages every moment of our lives. Like why health care is a terrible communist evil that we must not have because Jesus wants your child to die so billionaires can sail past, laughing in their yachts. That ain't your Jesus, friend. Time to set things straight.