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My Goals. As already indicated, my goal is to help promote the spirit of progressivism. Given the dark, horrible topics (including tyranny, lies, Reaganism, and a national holocaust) that I discuss, it should not be surprising if my tone at times wanders onto side paths of melancholy, anger, sarcasm, and even sardonic humor. Please bear with me through all that, because I am trying to help you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. Sometimes the light of truth is a bright one that we shine into the dirt of a Mitch McConnell, a Newt Gingrich, a Trent Lott, a Tom Delay, a George W. Bush, or any others among the myriad handmaidens of our corporate tyranny. At other times the light we shine may be a feeble flashlight, or a bunch of dancing purple disco lights, but it all serves to capture that quintessential expression most often seen on Mitch McConnell's face—a deer caught in the headlights, or a burglar caught climbing out of your toilet window with one wet shoe where he stepped into the bowl.

Bullying. Consider for a moment the heartless bullying Jimmy Kimmel got from many Trumpian and Mitchavellian quarters as he tearfully told his story and made a heart-felt plea for universal health care as a basic human right. I've been there, Jimmy, I know. That's the village idiot mob, who lack brains or feelings, always ready to egg on the school yard bully when he is beating up the smart kid, or the different kid, or the kid with the glasses, or whomever he happens to go off on in the moment because maybe he didn't get his banana from the zoo keeper. That too is part of the Human Condition that we are afflicted with; or as I might call it, the Human Affliction of every generation since the Stone Age. Centuries in the future, when I don't doubt that our kind will colonize distant planets, the school bullies and their banana-bearers will go right along because that's the dark side of our fate, written into our DNA. We simply don't have enough bananas around for all those trolls yelling "Lock 'er up, lock 'er up!" egged on by Trump, Flynn, and other smug (male or female) future coal shovelers in hell. Same creatures who will yell "Hit 'im! Hit 'im again! Hit 'im harder!" on the school yard for a little bit of cruel entertainment from their demagogue.

Irony. The most pathetic part is that it is the bully mob who always take it in the shorts the hardest. There's an old saying, variously expressed thus: "Revolutions devour their children first." The very people who avidly support the Hitlers and Trumps are the first to suffer in the ruins. Those very populists dwelling in England's decaying, poverty-fouled, crime ridden and colorless cities will suffer the most from the Brexit they chose. The fools who yelled the loudest at Trump's Nazi rallies are usually the ones most dependent on Obamacare, Medicare, and other hideous "socialist tyranny" from the "evil government," and they wonder why their meager benefits dried up. Bottom line is that when the demagogues and their banana-waving mobs of supporters take charge, it's time for decent people to either unite and take back the day, or look for exits. The Constitution offers us the easiest way back to the light: vote all the Corporate Republicans out of office, and elect the Bernies and the Hillaries, the Corey Bookers and the John Lewises, the Sally Yateses, or patriotic Muslim-Americans like Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son Captain Humayun Khan heroically gave his life to save his fellow U.S. soldiers on the battlefield in Iraq. It comes down to this: whether the standard is to be set by low-lifes like Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell and their ilk, or if we want to tether our ship to the many shining stars who put these Trumps and Mitchavellis to shame. And, as a collateral thought, part of the Human Condition is that these sociopaths never know shame. They just have that thoroughly evil, ear-to-ear grin that McConnell showed after he gave our dying democracy yet another kick while holding his banana behind his back. And I'm sure he stole the banana instead of paying for it.


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